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Welcome to BlockMutual
Building the Wrisx [risks] platform

We are building a platform as a one-stop solution for all matters relating to company risks and research with a particular focus on growing SMEs and Emerging Markets. Businesses in any market are keen to maximise revenues while minimising risks. Thanks to new technologies, our platform offers businesses looking to de-risk their business by pooling their risks with other businesses. Our members can save money on their insurance spend by joining our mutual model.

We'd like to hear from the community what potential risks people could be interested in covering. So select a risk-sharing pool you'd be interested in:

BlockMutual is a solution to a lack of risk protection not only domestically, but anywhere in the world - especially in Emerging Markets, which represent 85% of the world's population

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Emerging Markets' Growth

85% of The World is A Gigantic Market!

Emerging markets cannot be ignored anymore. Through our financial industry experience in global capital centres, we have witnessed first-hand how many projects from EMs are not done simply because of the lack of information, capital and risk appetite on the part of major western financial institutions. Time this started to change!

Source: We Are Social, Digital in 2017: Global Overview

Internet Growth Continues Globally

Young, Active & From Emerging Markets

BlockMutual is fully online-based, which is supported by the internet growth globally. The number of users in emerging market regions is by far the largest group. The numbers of people using the internet in West Europe or North America is not even in the top three regions, which are now East Asia, South Asia and Africa. When seen in conjunction with the still quite low penetration ratios in those markets, the great potential of internet development becomes apparent. This powerful and continuing trend of emerging markets internetisation will continue to play an driving role in bringing their economies, companies and population on the next level enabling them develop faster while requiring increasingly more risk protection and funding both for business and individual risks.

Blockchain Users' Growth

Just two of the most widely used blockchains in operation today...

...Bitcoin and Ethereum are showing massive growth! This trend is likely to continue enabling a greater adoption of products such as BlockMutual taking advantage of the many benefits offered by the blockchain technology.

Source: BlockMutual's analysis, BitInfoCharts

Growth of Blockchain

Strong & Impactful

BlockMutual is in a good company - all major financial institutions are taking blockchain technology seriously. As you can see, many blue chip names have already started working with companies developing solutions on blockchain.

Trends in Blockchain

Source: CBInsights, Corporate Trends in Blockchain

Our experts bring a unique value added

Experts with years of experience

Our distinctive advantage is that our platform is run by professionals with deep knowledge as well as years of experience as financiers, underwriters, and/or arrangers of business finance, insurance and other financial products globally.

Our experts speak your language

Our experts genuinely speak your language and know how to analyse your risk and/or funding needs based on local market knowledge.

Genuine win-win proposition

Our solutions are inherently cheaper than those provided by other providers so projects benefit from unbeatable pricing, partnership access and potentially crowd-based risk sharing.

Broad audience

Our platform can bring value to companies from many industries because risk management are indispensable growth enablers for companies trading overseas from a wide range of sectors with assets, equity or operations around the globe.



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Our mission is to help
any business protect itself against various risks in emerging as well as developed markets while saving on costs.

Understand risks - customise cover

If you want to protect your business against any particular risks, simply send us a message and our experts will be in touch to prepare a custom report to your requirements. We can often find you a solution much better than what your in-house or outside providers might offer you at present.

Check your clients or prospects

Research shows that 50% of defaults happen to clients with long-established relationships. Our experts globally will often have access to information from a range of local sources and business intelligence providers and would be happy to provide you with their research on counterparties.

Credit protection

Already today, through our partners, clients can access various risk management offerings on single risk basis protecting their larger exposures.

Other business protection

Our partners already today can help arrange crisk protection for various risks, be it for a certain market or industry or a general one.